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Novocardia is transforming the care experience for patients and clinicians with our revolutionary approach to cardiovascular care delivery.


Optimizing the Patient Experience
for Improved Cardiovascular Health

Our value-based care delivery model is designed to identify high-risk health concerns in patients before they cause extensive and potentially life-threatening health events. By focusing on cardiology fundamentals, our “Fundamental Five Elements,” we help keep patients out of the hospital and ER, reduce the cost of tests and procedures, provide prompt ongoing condition management, and align care for the best possible outcomes.

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Same-Day & Extended Hours Access

Our practices offer convenient appointment scheduling options, including same-day appointments, extended hours of operation, and an “immediate care” clinic, allowing patients with cardiovascular conditions to receive prompt care when needed, reducing waiting times and potential delays in diagnosis or treatment, and promoting better patient outcomes and satisfaction.
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Longitudinal Heart Failure Program

Our longitudinal heart failure program combines medical expertise, personalized treatment plans, and patient education to optimize patients' well-being and quality of life. Through regular check-ups, medication management, lifestyle counseling, and close monitoring of symptoms, our dedicated team works closely with patients to track their progress, make necessary adjustments, and provide timely interventions.
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Site-of-Service Management

Our strategic approach focuses on optimizing the selection of the most appropriate healthcare facilities for specific medical procedures or imaging tests. By carefully considering factors such as cost, quality, accessibility, and patient preferences, our site-of-service management program ensures efficient and effective utilization of resources while maintaining the highest standards of care.
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Care Transitions Intervention

Comprehensive cardiovascular care often involves collaboration between several providers. By promoting self-care techniques and improving communication and medication management during critical transitions in healthcare, we enhance the continuity of care, resulting in better patient outcomes and lower costs.
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Quality Management

In partnership with primary care clinicians, we believe that cardiologists play an integral role in improving healthcare quality. Through standardized pathways, education, and focused outreach to patients, partners, and community physicians, we close critical care gaps, diagnose conditions accurately, and ensure proactive care is provided.

The Novocardia Difference

In traditional cardiovascular care models, necessary interventions often come too late, resulting in high costs and poor health outcomes. Our goal is to change that. We partner with our practices to ensure operational success and the highest quality care delivery.


Risk Contracting

With our risk contracting model, we can align incentives, promote cost efficiency, and improve care coordination to achieve better patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.


Analytics & Data Science

Our technology and analytics support risk model execution with a complete care management platform, including remote patient monitoring, real-time analytics, and outcomes reporting.


VBC Model Management

We assist with care coordination, population health management, quality improvement programs, and performance measurements to enhance success under value-based care models.


Early Program Investment

Investing in healthcare programs early on ensures that patients get the care they need when they need it, promoting better long-term health and reducing the need for more costly interventions down the road.

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