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Team up with the nation’s leading value-based care organization and revolutionize the delivery of cardiovascular healthcare services.


Who We Work With

The current approach to cardiovascular care isn’t working. Costs are rising, quality remains variable, and patient experiences are declining. Help us build a bright new future in cardiovascular healthcare – one that is patient-centered, cost-effective, and impactful. We work with a variety of partners to advance towards this better future.

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Risk-Bearing Providers

By partnering with Novocardia, you can gain access to a large network of independent cardiovascular specialists who are committed to delivering well-coordinated, high-quality cardiovascular care at lower costs.  Novocardia will work with you to develop a customized clinical care model that meets your patients’ cardiovascular care needs and the right accompanying contracting approach.

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Novocardia provides payer partners with a flexible, customized set of care and risk contracting models to address the specific cardiovascular conditions impacting your patient populations.  Our data-driven approach and care management strategies help optimize resource utilization, reduce redundant services, and deliver cost-effective care that meets your patients’ needs and your goals.

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Physician Groups

Collaborate with a network of like-minded independent cardiovascular specialists committed to revolutionizing cardiovascular health through more proactive and prevention-focused care and better chronic disease management. Together, we can elevate the standard of care and expand value-based care initiatives to positively impact our patients' lives.

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Health Systems

Accelerate your health system's value-based care success by partnering with Novocardia. As a valued partner, you can leverage the collective expertise, resources, and experiences of a network of esteemed clinicians, Novocardia’s team and technology, and other key stakeholders to help you succeed in value-based care arrangements.

Flexible Approach to Partnerships


Preferred Provider

As a preferred provider, you can take advantage of improved network coordination and a dedicated referral relationship that enables timely access to high-quality cardiovascular care for your patients when they need it most. 


Program-Focused Partnership

Identify a subset of patients who you think would benefit most from the programs we offer, such as our heart failure program, and we’ll work with you to engage these individuals. This approach allows partners to work with Novocardia to start aligning incentives, promote care coordination, and focus on value-based care principles while preparing to progress toward more advanced risk arrangements.


Risk-Sharing Arrangements

Share the burden of financial risk with trusted partners, encouraging healthcare specialists to focus on value rather than volume by emphasizing quality, coordination, and efficiency of care. We have deep experience with developing customized risk-sharing arrangements which incent the right clinical targets for your patients.

Enhance Care Delivery

Depending on your needs, we can also help you create and access other types of clinical services for your patients and community, including:

  • Case and Disease Management
  • Cardiovascular Rehab & Exercise
  • Therapy
  • Hospital-at-Home
  • Palliative Care
  • Virtual Care Models
  • Research Infrastructure

A Better Experience for All

We’re entering a new era in cardiovascular care, one that improves outcomes for everyone: patients, specialists, and payers. 

  • Reduce unnecessary ER visits
  • Streamline workflow, resource allocation, and operational efficiency
  • Improve care coordination and transitions
  • Optimize patient outcomes

Let's Revolutionize the Future of Cardiovascular Care