Experience better cardiovascular care

We are building a better way to deliver high-quality cardiovascular care with an overarching mission to improve health outcomes, make care more affordable, and create a more sustainable healthcare system.


A Patient Experience Like No Other

At Novocardia, your cardiovascular health is our priority — and our innovative, quality-focused, cost-conscious approach is focused on improving your long-term wellness and experience. We provide personalized treatment plans, seamless care coordination, and easy access to the right cardiovascular specialists when you need them.

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Same-Day & Extended-Hours Access

On average, Americans wait 26 days to see a cardiovascular clinician.  That is far too long to wait when you have a concern about your heart and might otherwise visit an ER for care that is best delivered in an office setting. With our expansive network, you don’t have to wait weeks to see a specialist. We offer same-day appointments and extended hours to get you the care you need when you need it without going to an ER.

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Holistic, Patient-Centered Care

You are unique, and your care should reflect that. We consider your specific needs, circumstances, and preferences to create a personalized treatment plan just for you. Our clinicians receive very high patient satisfaction scores, which are far above those of our peers.

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Evidence-Based Chronic Disease Management

Effective management of chronic cardiovascular conditions can slow the progression of these serious ailments, reduce the risk of complications, and ultimately improve your long-term health. Our heart failure care transitions program is grounded in treatments that have been proven to keep patients healthy, happy, and out of the hospital—even during periods of heightened risk.

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Care Coordination With Your PCP

We understand how important it is for your care to be well-coordinated and seamless. We work closely with your primary care provider to ensure your care journey is smooth and consistent, sharing information, collaborating on decisions, and coordinating all aspects of your care.

The Benefits of Value-Focused Care

Our approach has resulted in up to 46% fewer ER visits, leading to lower healthcare costs, enhanced continuity of care, and a better patient experience.


Avoid Hospitals and Emergency Rooms

Our approach has resulted in up to 46% fewer ER visits, leading to lower healthcare costs, enhanced continuity of care, and a better patient experience.

Find the Right Imaging & Procedures at the Right Cost

When our patients need imaging or procedures, we work to deliver these services in the most cost-effective setting while ensuring consistent quality standards.


Keep Doctors Informed with At-Home Monitoring

If you need it, we provide you with remote patient monitoring that includes real-time event notifications. The information from this monitor is sent to your care team so that they have the information they need to effectively manage your condition.


Rest Assured with Early Detection & Intervention

Improving health outcomes depends on early detection and treatment of disease and risk factors and appropriate outpatient, longitudinal monitoring to better manage your condition.

See the Difference

Traditional Models

Under traditional fee-for-service models, a heart failure patient in distress may not receive adequate treatment until their condition worsens, resulting in high costs and risking poorer health outcomes.

  •  A patient experiences worsening symptoms and calls their cardiologist for help.
  • The doctor advises the patient to increase their medication and schedules an appointment that is several weeks away.
  • The patient’s condition deteriorates in the meantime, necessitating a call to 911 and a hospital admission.


Total cost estimate: $15,400

Our Value-Based Care Approach

With Novocardia’s new approach to care, patients with heart conditions see doctors earlier and more frequently, with advanced monitoring and continuous adjustments when needed to prevent expensive hospital stays.

  • Our risk stratification model identifies a  patient with heart failure and at risk for an acute exacerbation.
  • The patient is enrolled in our longitudinal heart failure program, gaining access to education, medication titration capabilities, remote monitoring, and doctor notifications.
  • Patient develops new symptoms, is evaluated within hours, and adjustments to the treatment plan are made to proactively avoid hospital-based care.

Total cost estimate: $601

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