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Collaborative Care

PCPs like you need allies in cardiology — experts who understand how to deliver high-value care and help manage your cardiovascular disease-related spending. That’s who we are and we are continuing to build a network of cardiologists to assist in meeting the needs of PCPs like you.

Confronting a Growing Crisis

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. for men and women — and it accounts for at least 15% of all U.S. health care spending. The costs of treating cardiovascular disease are projected to double by 2035. We know how to help protect your practice from runaway costs, and help keep your patients with cardiovascular disease healthy and out of the hospital.


Our network of doctors is dedicated to providing the high-quality cardiovascular disease care your patients need — from advanced clinical care to coaching and wellness education.


Patients get better care when their PCPs and specialists work together. So, we prize open communication and coordination. Need a patient to see us today for an urgent appointment? Want a quick opinion on an EKG? Our clinicians are here to help.

“With our primary care provider partners, we are focused on delivering the highest quality of patient care while successfully managing cardiovascular disease-related spending.”

Geoff Wade
Chief Development Officer


Our cardiologists deliver high-value care and are perfect partners for primary care practices — especially for those participating in value-based reimbursement models.

An Ideal Partner

Our company has expertise across the spectrum of health care. We combine first-class cardiovascular disease care with a deep understanding of how to work successfully with value-based care organizations.

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Geoff Wade
Chief Development Officer
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