What We Do

Putting Cardiologists at
the Center of Care

Novocardia is committed to building a network of America’s leading cardiologists. We invest in our partner practices, help them grow, and support them in delivering high-quality, high-value care.

Here’s How Our Partnership Works

When you join Novocardia, you maintain the intimacy of your current practice but get the power and scale of a larger company. Learn about our 6 focus areas — and how they could help your business expand and thrive.

  • Growth

    We unlock opportunities for your practice to expand. Create ambulatory surgical centers, cath labs, open additional offices, or hire new clinicians or staff. We’ll also use our resources to help you expand the reach of your practice and achieve market scale.
  • Payer Contracting

    Tap into our fee-for-service and fee-for-value experience to build stronger relationships with payers and more comprehensive care for patients. Our team includes experienced leaders with deep experience working for and with health plans.
  • Innovation

    We’re dedicated to advancing care through innovation and research. As a partner, we will work together to identify new treatments and provide you with access to technology to better serve your patients. We can help you build out new service lines and implement innovative clinical models.
  • Quality & Outcomes

    Improving the health and well-being of our patients is our common mission. Leverage our expertise in clinical innovation, new technologies and quality improvement to improve patient outcomes and lower the overall cost of care.
  • Data & Analytics

    Use our data and tools to fine-tune your office operations, improve patient outcomes — and gain a deeper understanding of your patient population, their clinical needs, and opportunities for improvement, without robust analytics.
  • Operations

    Let’s face it — you didn’t become a cardiologist to do paperwork. From day one, our Managed Services Organization can give you relief from the hassles of running your practice, including accounting, marketing, and human resources.

We look at it as the best of both worlds.
You get the scale of a larger company but maintain
the intimacy of your current practice.

When You Join Our Network

Investing in Your Practice

As our partner, we will invest our time and resources to help grow your practice.

Keep Your Clinical Independence

You also keep your clinical independence, your name, and your reputation. You make the decisions about your patients’ care.

Address Your Needs

We work with you to craft a plan to address your practice’s specific clinical, operational, and growth needs.

A Turn-Key Solution

As a turn-key solution, we offer support from day one. Our Managed Services Organization can immediately begin helping with payroll, marketing, and other hassles.

Grow Your Practice

We’ll help you explore ways to grow your practice — hiring more physicians and staff, expanding your office, and building an ambulatory surgical center or outpatient cath lab.

Expand Your Reach

Our powerful suite of analytics tools will help you better understand your market and expand your reach. We’ll also use our marketing resources to help grow your profile in your immediate area and geographic region.

Explore Value-Based Models

Our contracting experts can help you explore innovative new approaches — such as value-based care models.

You Have a Say

As our clinical partner, you have a say in how Novocardia grows as a company. You’ll play an important role in guiding us into the future.

Tap into Our Managed Services Organization

Once you become a partner, our team kicks into action to support back-office functions, finance,
clinical operations, planning, and business growth — including the development of ambulatory
surgery centers, outpatient cath labs, creation of new clinical service lines, analytics, and much more.


Human Resources


Payer Contracting

Practice Transformation

Revenue Cycle Management

Supply Chain Management


Data & Analytics

Legal & Compliance

Expand Your Capabilities

Depending on your needs, we can also help you create and access other types of clinical
services for your patients and community including:

Case and Disease Management

Cardiovascular Rehab and Exercise Therapy (Including At-Home Options)


Palliative Care

Virtual Care Models

Research Infrastructure

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